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Edupool – one platform with all the educational content

A new level for online learning materials in the era of hybrid education.

The solution for teachers and students

With over 100.000 offerings, Edupool is the largest platform for educational content in germany. Learners and educators can search, stream, and edit their desired content according to licensing agreements while adhering to the terms set by content providers.

Edupool brings together providers, publishers, states, municipalities, and media centers, making their offerings accessible for classroom instruction.

Edupool for teachers and public institutions

States, municipalities, and media centers aim to efficiently deliver their offerings to schools while providing the best possible service. The satisfaction of teachers, schools, and parents with your media centers depends on fast and accurate media delivery, responding to licensing requests, reservations, and effective lending practices.

Edupool ID – the digital student ID

Creating media lists and granting access to selected students is made easy with Edupool ID.

The ID for learners, teachers, and school administrators ensures the highest level of data security and complies with all german legal data protection regulations and the GDPR. Its purpose is to quickly, easily, and securely provide students with digital content through the teacher's guidance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Pseudonymous login records, reducing the transmission of personal data.
  • No use of cookies, neither from third parties nor self-owned, thereby excluding user tracking.
  • Prevention of user profiling by employing dynamic ID's that are valid for a limited time.

Support for all media formats

Videos for teaching
Apps like calculators, vocabulary trainers, etc.
Web offerings like video conferencing tools, etc.
Textbooks, atlases, and many other publisher content

Enhanced instructional design by teachers

Simplified editing of media lists
Assignment of content to selected learning groups
Personal shelves for students
Evaluation and presentation of learning outcomes

Expanded license management

Access to content by redeeming publisher codes
Targeted assignment of content to grade levels
Support for school licenses
Support for personal licenses

Give it a try

The demands of teachers and students for online learning content are increasing. They need tools fit for the hybrid education era. We deliver these tools!

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