In the near future, education will look different

The demands of teachers and students for online learning content are increasing. They need tools that are suitable for the era of hybrid education. We deliver these tools.

Student doing school work at home on laptop

Digital excellence for teachers

The possibilities of education in a digital society will go far beyond what has been possible in the past. Like everyone else, we do not know the outcome of this transformation. However, we have a clear vision of the next steps we want to take with our children and teachers.

Every teacher deserves the chance to be digitally excellent.
— Ingo List, CEO
Every teacher deserves the chance to be digitally excellent. To achieve this, we must first give them the chance and develop solutions that can make this claim a reality. Edupool is our contribution — aiming to allow every teacher to effortlessly provide their classroom with all the relevant content they need.

Education partner of Deutsche Telekom business solutions

Our partnership with Deutsche Telekom enables us to elevate the digital school to an excellent level in terms of availability, performance, and security. The joint initiative Edubasis is an invitation for all partners and providers of educational services, apps, or media to participate jointly implement excellence in the digital school.

Our story

Founded in Kiel in 1993 by Jan Joswig and Ingo List. Employees. Having fun!
In operation in all 16 federal states and at three out of four schools in Germany.
Having fun!