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Edupool makes content and apps accessible for classroom instruction. Teachers and students can search for content, license it, and share it with the class through a virtual class shelf. With the Edupool app, this can also be done offline.

Antares actively supports you in providing your products for the education market

Security, performance, and unrestricted usage are important to us. Therefore, content delivery to end devices is handled through our Content Delivery Network at Deutsche Telekom. This ensures compliance with GDPR standards and, especially, meets the high requirements of all stakeholders even in exceptional situations.

With our Edupool Publisher, you can utilize essential functions such as upload, import, data maintenance, preview images, licensing, and delivery of teaching materials.


Listing your media in the Edupool Media Catalog
Metadata and upload
Quality assurance and validation
License management
Delivery and streaming
Customer service for your school customers

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The demands of teachers and students for online learning content are increasing. They need tools fit for the hybrid education era. We deliver these tools!

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